Bell Ringing - how about you?

Do you listen to the bells ringing out their welcome on a Sunday and know how many bells are being rung? There have been bells at Wargrave since at least the seventeenth century and probably before that. The six seventeenth-century bells were destroyed in the fire of 1914 and their fire-distorted clappers can be seen hanging in the back of the church. Amazingly, considering that World War I was raging, a splendid new ring of eight bells was installed in the tower in 1915.  The bell ringing group has increased slightly in numbers in the last year with the addition of three or four ringers and there are between 3 and 8 bells being rung on Sunday morning.

The team have also carried out the ringing of bells for around 8 weddings in the year, and at these times the full complement of ringers is essential. 

This year has seen a new carpet in the ringing room and it has been admired by all. A set of new bell ropes has also been purchased. These ropes are over 50 feet in length and are replacing the last set of ropes fitted around 10 years ago.

Other maintenance problems this year have included broken 'stays' that need specially prepared woodwork that Chissock Woodcraft carried out. The 'stay' is, as its name suggests, used to stop the bell from going over its balance point.

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