We are so fortunate in the beautiful and well kept grounds around our Churches, and much of the work of maintaining them is done by teams of volunteers. If you would like to join such a team, either for grass cutting, tree management, or for more general "garden maintenance" please contact  (0118 940 2497) who has overall responsibility for their maintenance. 
The various areas which we look after are:  

St. Mary's Churchyard     
Mill Green       
The New Church Cemetery ("The Chalk Pit") . See below for "Friends of the Cemetery"
St. Peter's Churchyard and Cemetery
St. Paul's

In order to assist in the maintenance of the Churchyards, the PCC has endorsed the Oxford Diocesan set of "Churchyard Regulations" which lay down general rules for the size and shape of grave stones, limitations on the layout of the ground occupied by a grave or ashes interment, and on the planting and display of flowers, bushes etc. These Regulations may be read here.

Friends of the Cemetery

In September 2014 following open discussion about cemetery maintenance the ‘Friends of the Cemetery’ organisation was formed. It aim is to improve standards in general and increase the area of grass that is regularly trimmed. In support of that aim Ann and Len Roberts led the initiative that is raising the extra funds needed over and above the small Parish Council grant we receive and that already dedicated to the work by the Church. From the onset the standard for maintenance across the breadth of the Cemetery was set and a mowing programme established to fulfil it. 


In parallel the St Mary’s volunteers have continued work in clearing undergrowth on the periphery and along the northerly tree line. Several mature Sycamores in that area have been felled and over the next few years this area should become suitable for siting graves. This will extend the cemetery’s useful life for a number of years. imageOverall the cemetery is already in much better shape. In the early part of the year large areas of snowdrops come into flower followed by carpets of crocus and primroses. A visit at that time is particularly rewarding.


We must thank the dedicated group of supporters who have contributed thus far whether in financial terms or by giving their time and physical effort.  On both fronts we look forward to wider commitment in the long term. We will need that support to maintain the target standards. Pledges for routine payments would be particularly welcome. The money is held in the Cemetery Maintenance Fund, a Church account and restricted fund dedicated for the purpose. This enables us to gain the advantage of Gift Aid on payments from income tax payers.

As Cemetery Warden I monitor the situation on behalf of the Vicar and the PCC and superintend work and the progression of fund raising in coordination with Len and Ann.  Please contact Len and Ann direct on 0118 940 2656 if you would like to contribute as a donor or as a volunteer worker.


                                    Peter Mayes              Cemetery Warden       0118 940 2497

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